First and foremost, we hope that you remain safe and healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We like most others in the tristate area have been working remotely since the start of “NY on Pause” and “NJ Shutdown”. While many of the courts in New York and New Jersey have been closed to in-person hearings, we have been proceeding with existing cases and taking on new matters.

Our cases are ongoing and much can be done outside of court. In fact, the heart of our work is done in the pre-trial stage through investigation, the exchange of documents and depositions. All of these things are occurring. We have continued to work on your cases. Papers in ongoing cases are being filed electronically. Document exchange continues and depositions can be held remotely with the court reporter, witness and attorneys all in different places.

As of Monday, May 25, the New York State Courts opened up for the electronic filing of new cases. We were prepared and filed new cases.

We hope this health crisis ends soon. We recognize that delays in cases are inevitable during these uncertain times. Your health, however, is of utmost importance so we are prepared to work in a manner which is consistent with the most up to date health protocols. We are confidant #LORWCANHELP.


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