Recent Case Results

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Automobile driver involved in an intersection accident: $1,360,000.00 recovered for man with shoulder and back injuries involving surgery.
Automobile passenger injured in two car collision: $430,000.00 recovered for a woman with thigh/leg injuries requiring surgery.

Pedestrian Accidents:

Pedestrian struck in parking garage: $595,000.00 recovered for man with rib and wrist injuries requiring surgery.
Pedestrian struck while crossing street: $300,000.00 recovered for man with a hand injury requiring surgery.

Premises Liability:

Store shopper injured by product shelving: $350,000.00 recovered for woman for with back injuries requiring surgery.
Trip and fall on sidewalk: $325,000.00 recovered for woman with wrist and knee injuries requiring surgery.
Restaurant patron slips and falls on interior staircase: $250,000.00 for woman with shoulder injuries requiring surgery.


Worker received electric shock while on demolition project: $650,000.00 for man with thumb injuries requiring surgery.
Worker injured when struck by hi-lo loader while on the job: $240,000.00 for foot injuries requiring surgery.


Automobile passenger struck by City owned motor vehicle: $750,000.00 recovered for woman with neck injuries involving surgery.
Pedestrian trips and falls on sidewalk grate: $300,000.00 recovered for woman with knee injury involving surgery.

Wrongful Death:

Pedestrian hit by a car while crossing street: $100,000.00 policy limits recovered for man killed upon impact.